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Maybeshewill | To the Skies from a Hillside

Single Review|October 9, 2010 11:18 am

If you prefer the romance of discovering a band while they are relatively unknown to the greater world, then hurry up and see Maybeshewill now, because it is only a matter of time before they break into the mainstream music conscience.

There is no more auspicious time to see the Leicester-based trio than the present, given that the release of a new single last week through Field Records coincides with with a tour seeing the band venture all over the UK this month and Europe in November.

The group formed five years ago, producing a unique brand of atmospheric post-rock. There are similarities to Monograph favourite Codes In The Clouds, but Maybeshewill – a name which the band describe as “a string of pleasant sounding syllables with no intrinsic meaning” – have a much darker and heavier inclination.

Latest single To The Skies From A Hillside will feature on their currently untitled third LP and fittingly represents the band at their best: uncompromising and powerful. Sombre guitar chords and keyboard parts build a moody vibe which boils over into unhinged fury only to be reined in by tasteful refrains and careful attention to dynamics. The overall effect is, for want of a less bastardised descriptor, epic.

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Their previous work, including two full length EPs which won critical acclaim from sources as prestigious as Kerrang, is equally impressive. Expert musicianship is tangible to the listener and central to their appeal, with intricate drum patterns and innovative time signatures interwoven with consummate ease. Programming also plays an important role, with strings and vocal samples supplementing their distinctive sound.

Away from the music itself, a crammed touring schedule, a superfluity of nicely produced tracks and an embracing attitude towards social media demonstrate the professionalism and ambition of the band fully capable of realising its potential, but this is also testament to their instrumental skill and ability write hard-hitting songs which speak to people. What is astonishing, given the high quality of recording and production afforded to each of their tracks, is the fact they record and mix their material, even choosing to bill themselves as “a DIY instrumental band”. The new EP will be the first where they have actually opted for studio time rather than rehearsal rooms or bedrooms for recording sessions, although it is still self-recorded.

There is ample opportunity to check the band out this month, as chances are they will be visiting a town near you. That way you can have bragging rights in a couple of years time. To get your hands on a copy of this great track please visit the Field Records shop.


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