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I am In Love – I Want You

Single Review|January 4, 2011 6:15 pm

What do you get when you mix 80s synth, ambitious vocals and riffs catchier than the Christmas illness of 2010? The answer is hard to formulate for one reason alone, the band are newer than … well, most things. Always loving an exclusive, we only received their debut single today and were straight on the band wagon to get the best seats.

I am In Love is the brand spanking new electronic project to spring from Leicestershire and definitely made our ears prick up today. Fusing old school electro with the pace and beat of mainstream pop, I am In Love's single I Want You is a corker of a tune and aptly sounding to break in 2011 with an edgy bang.

Starting with a slightly dubious drum beat which sounds like it may come from a 'My First Sampler' kit, the song quickly takes form into a light but deep track that tells the simple story of love yearned. With vocals hitting the high notes and holding steady

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it really does show a band showing the early stages of greatness. Don't get us wrong it won't suit all and won't save the world like Bill and Ted, but seeing as though this is their first number it will be interesting to see what other beaut's they transcend on us in the coming year.

To give their track a listen and see if you agree head over to their soundcloud here. I am In Love debut the track in Camden on February 3rd before heading back to home soil to Firebug on the 11th of that month with support from Dark Dark Horse, Moscow Youth Cult, Buenos Aires and others in a show that it is looking like one not to be missed.


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