Charlie & The Martyrs – Cherry Picker

0 Posted by - November 21, 2010 - Reviews

The self described Pop n' Roll outfit return to the playlist this month with new EP Cherry Picker and it is the pop roll movement at its finest. Charlie & The Martyrs have been on the scene and my radar for a while, cropping up everywhere from facebook to Firebug, and we have been waiting for the perfect moment to give our praise to this Leicester/Nottingham band.

As the name suggests, this light and airy but rich and smooth lifts spirits and taps toes. Cherry Picker sounds fresh and familiar, with melodic lyrics bouncing out from Charlie and charismatic riffs it makes for just as good listening the first time as it does the seventh. We are aware that some of our readers, myself a few years back included, love the raw sound from a grimy, underground, toolal wearing, all-male ensemble but put your indie cool to one side and let in something for you and the missues. Not to say this band is soft or sell out, clamouring at the doors of Radio 1, this is a band of integrity and a musical styling that will please the ears of the masses.

Title track Cherry Picker sounds slightly like Ash's 'You Are a Shining Light' upon opening but develops into something different and just as great. Again the pop shines through beautifully and makes for easy listening, the guitar riffs in this are indeed noteworthy, not overdone but not hidden. Our Side is our favourite here at Monotowers, similar sounding to Cherry Picker but with more groove and just builds and builds into something spectacular. CATM recently po

pped into Dean Jackson's The Beat (iPlayer 1hr 41mins in) to talk about the track, describing it as a game of football with lyrics such as 'My heart in defence and you up front', maybe in a effort to explain romance to the terraces.

The band have had a busy year, playing a slot at Summer Sundae (pictured left) and receiving praise from the press, and next year is tipped to be even more manic. If you have never heard of this band get involved, if you have come across them before reacquaint yourself. There is some great bands in the city, some destined for playing to the select few local die hard fans and some headed for greatness and national acclaim, Charlie & The Martyrs is definitely making a B-line for the later.

Charlie & The Martyrs play a special charity show at Firebug on Saturday 27th of November in aid of Harley Staples and Teenage Cancer Trust, details of which can be found here. Cherry Picker can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon right now, for more information on the band visit their offical website at or myspace page at



  • Grahame Crewe November 21, 2010 - 10:17 pm

    I love Charlie & The Martyrs : )

  • Alec JP November 22, 2010 - 12:57 am

    Charlie was a friend in Leicester! Always cut out for fronting a band – pretty wild girl I must say :)

    Well done – your band is making waves!

  • Georgia Pyatt January 25, 2011 - 9:12 pm

    Charlie and the Martyrs are great! Love your music and lyrics, you are a great band and always tell people about you. Been to a couple of festivals to see you and hope to come to many more! Keep it up guys because in a few years we all know that you’ll become famous! xx

  • Twiggy August 18, 2011 - 9:06 pm

    I love Grahame Crewe : )