Drops – Believe You Me

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If you speak to any students in your local pub or hang (in a non-stalker way) around the forums online, chances are you will come across a conversation around music. Hopefully what you will notice is the diversity in tastes that are scoring through the generations. rock lovers are leaving room for a little jazz, poppers are clicking onto some techno and indie addicts are finding their rhythm with ambient sounds.

The latter brings me to Liam Hennessy, aka Drops, a multi pedal wielding instrumentalist who believes there is no method to his madness, just music to make you smile. Armed with a QWERTY keyboard, guitar, synths and a loop pedal, Drops has landed on the scene making ambient waves on his debut EP ‘Believe You Me’.

His first outing as a bona-fide musician is this Heat Death Records released EP, a multi-looped, melodic mix of strings and atmospherics. Listen a little closer to the opening tune ‘You Have My Word’ and you will note an Indie loving background, perhaps coming predominantly from his favour of the guitar. He manages to encase a layering of sounds akin to Sigur Rós, but with a jaunty tone.

It’s an EP that could be a soundtrack: a soundtrack to your day, a soundtrack to your life or just an accompaniment to your walk in the park. Liam is able, largely on track ‘Autumn Walks’, to mirror in sound an act of physicality, involuntarily pushing you into daydream mode. His use of the xylophone, walking drum beats and clapping all move to build a world around you, so you can fill in your own story, your own interpretation of the song.

If ever there were a time when you hear music and feel that the only missing piece to the glorious puzzle is you, the listener, it is now. Drops sets the scene, and you live it.

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