Neon Circus

0 Posted by - June 27, 2010 - Ones to Watch

If Nathan Barley had been an actual person, he would have listened to Neon Circus. Listened to them in the morning with his coco pops and body popping around his Hoxton kitchen. Edgy Electro and Dance with some hints of Hip Hop produced by Mackinlay Smith, Dan Gooch and Dominic Kealey proves for good listening and makes you want to get bang on it. Something MTV agree with, using track from the three-peice for new show MTV Slips, sealing them a place in the Leicester elite. The band have a sound that to the older audience with have subtle hints of the 90s Electronica you loved so much. Think Leftfield, DJ Shadow and Zero 7, this is the future in the making.

Neon Circus evolved from an assortment of Leicester bands before landing on this final arrangement and its clear in the music that they know what there doing, making music that revs you up and pumps your blood. I remember going to see one of the earlier outfits called The Method play what was then Original4 (didn’t get to see then end of the set as I got booted out with Ali) and that was a blinding set, but this stuff is really next level. It’s a shame the Method aren’t still going, but if its death meant Neon Circus could have been born its a worthwhile sacrifice. Their myspace is full of tracks to blast out, plus some remixes from Memberflex and Lady Fingaz, the Memberflex one in particular has caught our ears as we have just listened to it three times in a row.

Their latest offering Digit-izm is out now and available on iTunes amongst other places and is well worth the small fee. Hook up the big speakers for full effect.

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