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Grace and the Magic Roots

Ones to Watch|May 31, 2010 4:39 pm

Another great little gem found courtesy of the mighty Leicester Music Scene is Grace and the Magic Roots. With daubings of reggae and soul it’s a sincere sound that you can’t help but be transfixed by. Grace and the Magic roots are a sensitive delicate group that makes you want to sit cross legged and braid someones hair*. Not to say that they are some hippy, happy clap, bass slap funk odyssey, they are original, tuneful and beautiful things. Combining an ever spinning folk sound with some rather terrific vocals and lyrics, we will be watching them very carefully and attending some of their hometown shows.

On their Myspace Marie Lamont is well worth a listen, if not several, sounding like Devendra Banhart and a hint of Joanna Newsom, and lalalalalalala is an annoyingly titled but beautiful ditty that you can’t help but smile to. If, like some of my more feindish friends (Ali, Charlotte, Matt, Sam and the Monographs very own co-editor Duncan), you have had a heavy weekend of decadence and dance you are prescribed a dose of Magic Roots, the perfect hangover cure.

If you do fancy popping along to a Leicester gig, there is plenty to choose from this month…

4 Jun 2010 – 20:30 – The Shed
5 Jun 2010 – 14:30 – Riverside Festival
6 Jun 2010 – 20:00 – The Musician
24 Jun 2010 – 20:30 – The Old Horse

*If you do decide to braid someones hair, get permission first.

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