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Ones to Watch|November 9, 2010 8:00 pm

Decibels are the very new, very cool Midlands four-piece that are soon to be gracing the airwaves in our, more than often right, opinion. The very current sounding band has spouted out of nowhere and have seemingly and annoyingly side stepped the first few embarrassing tracks that normally comes back to haunt after the skills have been honed to jump right in to the good stuff.

The band are comprised of David Crawford, Stuart Bruce, Martin Luk and Tony Luk, who have been on the curcuit for a while in various formations and bands. Now with their love of electro-ambience given the outlet to shine the lads are giving it their all and the result is something quite spectacular. After our friends over at Sounds of the Campervan, who are definitely worth a gander, suggested they contact the Monograph, Crawford dropped us a message, one that we were more than glad to receive.

Having already gained support from the respected BBC Weekender with the track Turn from the Light, they seem to be on

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a one way course to the electronic mainstream. The sound created is eerie, haunting but uplifting, a tune that seems to have spilled out from the dreams of a Korg. The natural, not overdone, tones in Turn from the Light is familiar to a subdued Fenech-Soler, another electronic outfit making waves across the land after a storming set at SUB 91.

Only a small amount is offered on the myspace, something that makes the want for more ever greater. This Life is akin to Foals and has the same tight, calm vocals as on Turn from the Light. The riffs and the structure are slow and building and just what the electro masses are asking for right now. We will be following these boys with watchful eyes and open ears in the coming months and have a hunch that this isn't the last decidedly delicate drones we have heard from Decibels.

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