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Annie Dressner

Ones to Watch|July 29, 2010 8:14 pm

Sometimes the Gods of Myspace watch with glee as you bounce round from Swedish metal to post punk pop from Brazil, smiling with a knowledge that they will lead you to a artist you can’t help but love and a bit of closure for the evening. Tonight they chose to show me all the way to the folk district of New York and right into the music of Annie Dressner.

She seems fairly new on the scene and as far as we can tell hasn’t graced the shores of Blighty yet, but something tells me (perhaps the Myspace Gods) that we soon be introducing her to the world of Fish, Chips and Asbos fairly soon. Her music is a gentle, intertwining mix of musical indulgences, from Bright Eyes to Regina Spektor, that swirl and twirl with all the grace of the American dream. Tracks on her Myspace are well produced and stand out in the noise of the other 15 billion profiles out there.

Noteworthy songs are Strangers Who Knew Each Others Names and Fly, which you can recline into and get right from the start. Her songs are innocent and simple, sometimes it’s good to have dark and mysetious and full of double entendre but other times, in the dying heat from the day sun, all you need is a song that can slowly creak a smile onto your face. Lyrics like “I felt more love than I felt in years/it’s nice to know that it still appears sometimes” show that its not all doom and gloom and that Dressner is a fan of the simple things, true love and words of truth.

Not all her tracks will be to everyones taste and some are a bit ‘Pop Idol’ but its worth it for those slices of true New York folk. Below is her recent video shot in Queens for Fly, directed by Lee Rubenstein.

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