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You’ll no doubt all be familiar with their name, but perhaps you know less about the individual band members or, more importantly, their obscure way of writing songs.

Her Name Is Calla, a group of Leicester-based ruffians with a pensive, melancholy sound that cries out with euphoric twists of anguish, have been cartoonasised by Rachael Smith – fine purveyor of Flimsy the Kitten, the ‘One Good Thing…’ series, and a myriad other comics confronting the woes of everyday life through the vivid imagery of cats and handsome people – in The Way We Write.

The surprisingly effective mix of Serious vs. Cute and Cuddly has become a trademark for Rachael, whose cartoons can be seen in the Leicester Mercury’s weekly More magazine, and on the various websites linked to her specific projects.

What this combination of band and drawing brings is a joyfully interesting exploration into the visceral psyche of each member, which collectively forms an obscure ragtag band of individuals stuck in a haunted house.

It’s needless to say that ghosts are a-plenty, though it’s writer’s block that’s the bad guy in all of this, rather than the more Scooby Doo type nemeses of swamp monsters and creepy zombies

Her Name Is Calla are unique and quirky to extents far beyond any other band in their locale, and the dichotomy brought between the idea of casual eccentricity within the band members and their thoroughly serious music sheds new light on how they continue to create and compose.

Released on 13th March 2013, The Way We Write will be available direct from Her Name Is Calla’s bandcamp. Why not head down to the launch night at The Crumblin’ Cookie on 16th March for a night of Her Name Is Calla performances, accompanied by a gallery of limited edition posters and your chance to buy a copy of The Way We Write, complete with a signing from both Rachael and the band.

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