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Following the over-whelming and critically-acclaimed response to the release of their second album ‘Tough Love’ Leeds rockers Pulled Apart By Horses have unleashed the single ‘Wolf Hand’.

Ahead of their performance at this year’s Dot to Dot Festival in Nottingham on 3rd June, we caught up with Rob and Lee from the band who explained that the new single is “about the importance of hanging onto and remembering some of your childhood, because it’s a big part of who you are, even if it’s when you’re being a d**k. It’s also about the creativity that goes hand in hand with your childhood – a good reason to hold onto some of your naivety.” One of many great songs off of the new album, this track shows why Pulled Apart By Horses are being celebrated as one of the best British rock bands around.

Did you enjoy your recent tour?
It was great! It was our first headline European tour, so it was really important to us. Turbowolf were the support band and they’re awesome dudes. It was great hanging out with them and watching them play. One particular triumph was in Cologne, we’d had a real set-back in the morning. Someone had stabbed three of the van tires and keyed all the paint work so we had to sit in a garage for hours getting it fixed and it was a five hour drive. We literally got there and walked straight on stage and the show was ace.

You’re playing Leeds and Reading Festival this year. Why do you think that this is such an important festival?
It’s legendary. We’ve grown up having amazing moments and watching some of our heroes perform at those festivals. I remember watching Deftones at Leeds 2000; they played Change in The House Of Flies, and the weather changed from sunny to dark and grey, but it fit so well with the song and was really atmospheric. I had the hairs standing up on the back of my neck feeling that it was a real life changing, inspiring moment. One of those moments where it’s more than just music. Now we get to open up the main stage!

What are the fans saying about the new album?
We’ve had lots of really nice comments. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved and it’s nice to know that people feel the same way about it. Tell me about the concept for the new video. We worked with a really great director called Bob Harlow. The basic idea is that we’re fooling around in a back garden and doing stupid, potentially harmful things, the way we did when we were kids. I got to jump through two panes of glass, which was terrifying at first, then really thrilling once I’d pulled it off the first time.

How are you preparing for the festival season?
Practicing as much as possible!

What is your best ever festival experience?
There have been so many great moments, we feel really lucky to be able to have experienced these things, which would never have happened if we’d not been in the band. Meeting people backstage such as Dave Grohl and Wayne Coyne, or having dinner with Stephen Carpenter from Deftones. I’m sure none of them remember, and I know it sounds like I’m name dropping, which I am, but it’s always really encouraging to meet somebody who you really admire for what they’re doing, and they’ve been doing it a lot longer than you, and when you do meet them, they’re still really nice people. But really the best moments are playing the shows, that’s why we’re there and that’s what it’s all about. Both Reading and Leeds shows last year were mind blowing.

What are your festival survival tips?
Don’t be a d**k and get all aggressive and start fights or try and bully people, because there are a LOT of people there who are there for the same reason: to have a good time and enjoy some great music. They’ll let you know about it quickly if you are being that way.

What can we expect from you when you play this year’s Dot to Dot Festival?
We never really plan anything other than to play as well as we can. Things are always better if they just happen spontaneously. We don’t choose to end up in A & E, honestly! We’ve also has some great experiences of our own at this festival like seeing Turbowolf. If you’ve never seen them then you are wrong in the head. They’re a psychedelic, classic and futuristic rock experience all rolled into one. They have lovely hair as well.

What do you love about music?
Wow! What a question. There are so many things I could say… The way it brings people together, the way you can share your ideas and the way you feel about life with hundreds, or even thousands of people at one moment, that you’re all in together. But I’ve always loved music, it’s been there from the start, so I wouldn’t be able to say that when I was little and listening to “There was an old woman who swallowed a fly” over and over again. I suppose I don’t really know why I love music, I just do, and that’s what’s so great about it.

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