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Brian & Silbin's album “Brian & Silbin and Friends” (released 31 January, 2011) is an impressive collaboration by two singer-songwriters who also happen to be very good friends. In 2006, after living in New York City for only three days, Brian Meece played some songs on his ukulele at an open mic night at Dominic's Pub in Long Island City.

Fortunately, Silbin Sandovar was there. After a few beers, they became fast friends and Brian “realised at that point that [he] was going to be okay in New York.” It was not until last year during Brian's birthday ritual of having his “musical friends come and collaborate, make some Island-style french toast, drink some coffee and have some fruit” that Brian & Silbin wrote their first song “Santosha” as a band. (Fun fact: It is track number 4 on the record.)

While some of the songs on the album were spear-headed by Silbin and some by Brian, a few songs on the album were natural jams that one would start and the other would join in. Silbin's solo music is heavily influenced by the rock and roll classics from the '50s and early '60s that he loves, while Brian's solo music has a more laid-back approach. When working together, they tried to write music that would suit each others' voices and sensibilities. Who knew that laid back beach-folk meets Elvis inspired rock and roll could sound so sweet.

Band Name: Brian and Silbin

Band Members & Instrumentation: Brian Meece, Silbin Sandovar

Genre: Americana, Country, Hawaiian Beach Party Music

Where From: New York, NY

I'd recommend this band if: You like Elvis, Ukuleles & Feel-good music….. and two men with good voices that compliment each other.

Favorite Band Quote:
A country home in New York City
With the floor that's made of sand.
A country home in New York City.
Not exactly what I planned.

The devil's at my door.
He's been waiting for the ins the outs the shouts and doubts around me.
But, I suspect, a greater architect that's near and dear – steers me through, allows me.

-Country Home in NYC

Albums: Brian and Silbin & Friends (2011)


What tattoo are you saving for?
Brian: Although I think tattoos are cool on other people – my fear of permanence prohibits me from getting one!
I'm saving for a beach trip instead.
Silbin: I hate tattoos. But I am saving up for a piercing. Can I say where?

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